National Marfan Foundation – Case Study

This case study was written by Jodie Dolgner, Project ManagerThe National Marfan Foundation (NMF) is the only non-profit organization in the United States solely dedicated to saving lives and improving the quality of life for patients and families affected by Marfan syndrome and related disorders.Challenge: 

The National Marfan Foundation partnered with Armbruster Consulting to help generate revenue and engagement opportunities while increasing awareness of Marfan syndrome.

Project Goals:

Multi-phase project

  • Develop a pro-active community events program structure through endurance programs and third party fundraising resources while increasing fundraising potential and  participation levels
  • Build a database of constituents including donors, volunteers, and patients through local and national branded initiatives
  • Provide recommendations for volunteer network reorganization to improve effectiveness , engagement and retention

Services Provided

  • Reviewed existing program assets and completed a non-profit comparison analysis as well as conducted interviews with key Board Members and constituents
  • Developed National Brand
  • Implemented turnkey event structure
  • Customized communication plans with e-mail templates
  • Provided website content and wireframe design
  • Created effective training tools
  • Strategic organization restructure


After completing extensive research on both the community events and the volunteer program, the brand “Team Heart and Soul” was developed and will be implemented throughout the NMF.  This umbrella approach is designed to embrace all constituents to make a difference by organizing and participating in events or volunteering within the volunteer network to support the mission.  There are exclusive benefits for Team Heart and Soul members including online resources such as fundraising tools, turn key events, letter templates and Team Heart and Soul University training program.  Furthermore, Armbruster Consulting provided a comprehensive plan to restructure the chapters into six Regional Leadership Councils to further build the organization across the US.  These enhancements will allow NMF to improve and increase community leaders and participation, improve ROI, increase collaboration, and increase fundraising opportunities and total dollars.


Team Heart and Soul to be launched in phases during 2012


“Rachel and her team are enthusiastic leaders who have walked us through each and every step along the way of our first steps toward building a new endurance and community events program. They listen to your organization’s needs, become a true partner, and offer well thought out and strategic guidance. Unlike some consulting relationships, Rachel sees her self as a true extension of our staff and the work she generates is easy to implement. We are thrilled with our partnership and have signed on for additional help with our national volunteer program.”

Jennifer Grignoli, Director of Development, National Marfan Foundation