October 2011.

Don’t be scared…help is on the way!

Does your organization have an e-newsletter? Is it sent sporadically? Is the process to generate content, write, edit and send the newsletter cumbersome and a drain on already limited resources? Are results hard to determine and reporting non-existent?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you are considering launching an e-newsletter but have hesitations because of similar concerns, consider outsourcing your e-newsletter. Outsourcing provides a third party group accountable for on-time delivery of the newsletter, a strategic plan for content, community mobilization and implementation of e-newsletter best practices.

Armbruster Consulting identifies ways to help nonprofit organizations in every aspect of their business. In order to help make the e-newsletter process more efficient and effective, Armbruster Consulting is pleased to offer a turn-key e-newsletter package including set-up, design, writing and management. Our goal is to create an annual communication plan for the newsletter, uncover meaningful and motivating content and provide the implementation to ensure consistent and effective delivery of your newsletter.

Before deciding to outsource your organization’s newsletter, please consider the following impacts:


  1. Is the newsletter published in a timely manner?
  2. Is the newsletter integrated into the larger organization strategy and mission?
  3. Does it require staff time that could be spent on more productive revenue generation or mission related activities? 
  4. Do you know the true impact of the newsletter? Is it increasing gifts, average gift amounts, engagement with the organization, event participation and more?
  5. Is your organization looking to convert its direct mail newsletter to an e-newsletter or do you need to get your database in order before an email can be sent?

E-Newsletter Packages start at just $5,950 and can be customized to your organization’s goals and objectives. In addition to e-newsletters, Armbruster Consulting can help with all of your fundraising and communication needs. Contact me at 512-944-3417 or rachel@rachelarmbruster.com to learn more about how we can transform your e-newsletter into a true marketing and development tool for your organization.