What we are loving this week


Stacey Bowers
Senior Nonprofit Consultant
Armbruster Consulting Group

The Skimm

Staying informed doesn’t have to take hours. The Skimm delivers news to your inbox every morning in small, digestible pieces. Need to know more – no problem – click through to the more in depth story. Somehow, the writers even manage to make it fun.


Radiolab Podcast

Podcasts are so hot right now (thank you, Serial), and I am absolutely on the bandwagon. Check out RadioLab. The show focuses on topics of a scientific and philosophical nature. The hosts attempt (quite successfully) to approach broad difficult topics in an accessible, storytelling manner. As a nonprofit professional, I found the episode titled “Rhino Hunter” especially interesting as it takes a look at how hunters are influencing the conservation movement.


Code Academy

In this day and age it is hard to get away from the need to have some very basic computer coding skills and Code Academy is helping me get in the swing of things. Learn through a variety of self-paced, interactive (FREE!) training classes.


Ellen’s Heads Up App

It shouldn’t be that funny, but it is. Don’t forget to watch the playback video that is automatically recorded and download some of the extra play packs for loads of fun.

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