Connecting the Dots

The object is to keep busy being something…as opposed to doing something. We are all sent here to bring more gratitude, more kindness, more forgiveness and more love into this world. That is too big a job to be accomplished by just a few. ~Richard Nelson Bolles

Does anyone remember that scene from Working Girl in the elevator where she quickly explains how she got from a newspaper article to the idea to buy a company? She connected the dots and saw an opportunity. When I read this month’s post from my friend and client, Charlotte Benson from Beyond Batten Disease Foundation, I immediately saw an opportunity – the potential to get organizations to stop focusing on DOING and think about BEING. Charlotte’s story is focused on children and encouraging them to BE instead of DO. I was inspired and humbled by the words. I started to think about our organizations as children. We all spend so much time DOING work that sometimes I think we forget to BE the kind of companies and nonprofits we envisioned from the beginning.

Charlotte wrote, “I went to the poetry recital expecting to see and be proud of what Garland can DO, but instead left with a beautiful picture of who Garland can BE.

What if our donors and clients left meetings with us and felt the same way? Excited to see what we do but more motivated and inspired by what we can BE. And more exciting than that, how they might be able to become part of who we are and who we become.

To read Charlotte’s full post, click on the link provided below. Enjoy!

In the News

Armbruster Consulting Group, Inc. has been blessed with the opportunity to work with three new clients; Fara Foundation, Safari Club International Foundation, and ACTIVE Life.

The Fara Foundation is an American non-profit based in Austin, TX that provides resources to support the needs of Matagalpan families and aids in four areas: medical care, food assistance, educational opportunities, and elderly care. To learn more about their mission, visit

Safari Club International Foundation funds and directs worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education.  To learn more about the work they do,

ACTIVE Life’s mission is to make healthy the new norm by generating a persistent demand for healthy living among all sectors of society. They envision and are committed to creating an American culture which values, demands and supports healthy for all. To learn more about their vision, visit